Store Policies


Layaway – A payment period of 30 days will be considered on items valued at $500 and up. After that point (unless other arrangements have already been made), if a balance remains on the bike, a late fee of $50/week will be instated. No penalty for paying off layaway balance early.

Special Orders – Minimum of half of total order value required in order to place special orders. Remainder of balance to be paid when picking up item.

Hourly Labor Rate - $80/hour

Finished Service Bikes/Work Orders – We ask that customers pick up and pay for completed work order item(s) within 30 days of notification of their completion. We are a small, family-owned business and rely upon the turnover of work orders to operate.

Consignment/used bikes/trade-ins – We are going to be drastically reducing (if not entirely ceasing) our involvement in this portion of the bike business as it is frankly not a money-making opportunity for us. Instead we recommend customers sell their used bikes online for better exposure/sales opportunities.  We don't buy used bikes and generally don't accept trade-ins.

Returns – Items may be returned within 30 days for a full refund if brought back in new/unused condition and with original packaging. Special orders and labor fees are nonrefundable.

· Credit cards – We gladly accept credit cards, apple pay, etc. but there is a 3% processing fee applied by our credit card processor for using these methods.

· Venmo – We now accept it at checkout with a 2% service charge.

· Freight – Due to the cost imposed upon us to bring bikes into the shop, we have to charge freight. This is displayed prominently on the bike tags all over the shop. Many models are already discounted by their respective manufacturers, so removing the freight charge only further cuts into our margins. Thank you for your understanding.