About Us

The Tomhannock story

In 2009 I had an opportunity to retire as a New York State Employee and as a lifelong cyclist I decided to fulfill a dream and surround myself with one of my favorite objects; the bicycle.  After I retired in March of 2009 I started to educate myself about the bicycle industry and also to find a suitable location for a new unnamed bicycle shop.  I’ve lived in Rensselaer County most of my life and since Rensselaer County had very few bicycle shops I decided to open our new shop on State Route 7 in the Town of Pittstown, just two miles east of the Tomhannock Reservoir (hence the name).  We purchased our building and our six acre lot in September of 2009.  Before we went to work on the shop I took 40 days off and rode across the country taking the time to visit more than thirty bike shops along the way.  Many of the great shops we visited provided all sorts of ideas and inspiration.  We completed our trip (3280 miles later) and at the end of October we went to work on our new shop.  

After working nearly every single day we opened our doors for business on March 15th, 2010.  Since our grand opening we've added an addition to our building and have met hundreds of new cycling friends.  Our mission here at Tomhannock Bicycles is to make sure that our new customers and friends bicycle buying experience will always be the best possible.  It is very important that we provide you with the correct size and style of bicycle that best suits the type of cycling that you plan to participate in.  Your ride should be filled with comfort and efficiency, and you should want to ride your bike each and every day. 

We all need to share the roads and trails that we are all so fortunate to have. As long as we exist, Tomhannock Bicycles will continue to promote bicycle advocacy and safety.  Each day is a gift, make the most of each and every one of them.  Fill your life with happiness, RIDE YOUR BICYCLE, have fun and be safe!


-Sunday & Monday - Closed

-Tuesday-Friday - 10AM - 6 PM

-Saturday - 10AM - 5PM